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Tools for Teachers

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Curriculum Planning & Standards

Digital Citizenship:
A Pinterest board created by Ms. Preston full of curated content on teaching the fundamentals of digital citizenship to students. Includes links to pre-made lesson plans complete with activities and handouts.

Digital MakerSpace
Enhance a visit to our live MakerSpace with a visit to this digital version, chock full of digital creativity and engineering tools sure to keep students engaged.

Big Six Research Method:
Getting ready to assign a research project to your class? Check out these resources that focus on the Big 6 Research Method, developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, the Big6 is used in thousands of K-12 schools. For younger students in grades K-2, also check out the simplified version- the Super 3.

ISTE Standards:
Incorporate standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) into your lesson plans and teach students valuable information literacy and technology skills.

Copyright Licensed Photos
Need some pictures to use in lesson plans but worried about copyright infringement? Use this handy website for photos licensed under creative commons and curated especially for teachers to use in classrooms. Each photo download includes proper citation already embedded!

Professional Development & Continuing Education


The NEA (National Education Association) has a page on the website dedicated to teacher professional development- including archived webinars as well as upcoming events.

Tech Tutorials from Beaufort County School District:
Helpful site developed by the BCSD technicians and EdTech staff to answer all your technology related questions. Includes training videos on popular applications such as Google Classroom, Zoom and Seesaw as well as troubleshooting guides and best practices guidelines.

State Library of South Carolina:
While some of these resources are geared towards librarians, there are also plenty of learning opportunities listed here for anyone working with children in the areas of literacy

and technology.

Continuing education webinars for teachers, but check out the rest of their site for curriculum resources and interactive content for students. A great resource to take advantage of!

Libraries Learn:
Another site that, while geared towards librarians, has much to offer classroom teachers as well.