Parent Expectations



As a parent of one or more of our students, we invite you to assist us in educating your child(ren) and achieving world class outcomes. Our instructors will put forth their best efforts to maximize the quality of education our students receive. Nevertheless, we need your assistance in strengthening the quality of your child(ren)’s education. To ensure optimal outcomes, we ask that you:


  • Send your child(ren) to school with encouragement daily,
  • Talk to your child(ren) about school activities daily,
  • Monitor and discuss homework assignments,
  • Assist your child(ren) with assignments whenever appropriate and possible,
  • Encourage your child(ren) to improve when there is lack of progress,
  • Participate in parent conferences
  • Stay well versed of your child(ren)’s progress,
  • At all times, feel free to come in and visit our school (We simply ask that you report to the main office to obtain a visitor’s pass.),
  • Volunteer to serve on various PTSO committees,
  • Attend PTSO and School Improvement Council (SIC) meetings,
  • Volunteer to assist the staff at St. Helena Elementary School with many functions/activities (including tutoring or mentoring),
  • Remind your child(ren) to show respect for adults as well as other students,
  • Let us know if your child is ill or experiencing depression or some type of trauma,
  • Make certain that all requested/required paperwork is completed and sent back to the school in a timely manner,
  • Feel free to contact the principal or instructional leaders whenever you have a question or concern about any component of our educational program, and
  • Remember that our school is here for you as well as your child(ren). We must have your support and assistance to achieve positive outcomes.